Established in 1973

Cairnhill Physiotherapy was part of one of the first multi-disciplinary clinics in New Zealand offering wide ranging medical services from qualified and experienced health care professionals. Situated in Auckland, we care for patients from across the city including those from Grey Lynn, Mt Eden, Hillsborough and Epsom.

For over 45 years, our best physio Auckland have established ourselves with hundreds of patients as warm and caring healthcare providers. We build positive relationships with our patients, empowering you to help reach your goals and get you back to doing what you love.

Cairnhill Physio Difference

One On One Treatments

Each of our patients receives personalised one on one care as we are passionate about providing tailor-made treatments according to your needs. We use hands on approaches such as manual therapy and massage in combination with exercises, acupuncture and physiotherapy Auckland where appropriate. By taking the time to find and assess the cause of your discomfort or injury, our highly trained physiotherapists can implement personalised rehabilitation plans aimed at minimising your pain and beginning to improve your symptoms from your first session.

Our Holistic Approach

At Cairnhill Physiotherapy, we do not just treat your symptoms. Our physiotherapists use their knowledge and experience to assess the underlying causes of your injury. Each of our physios are highly trained and keep up to date with the latest treatment techniques and methods available. We are passionate about educating our patients, so we ensure that you understand the underlying causes of your injuries. We clearly communicate our treatment plans and offer advice and techniques about self-management to reduce the risk of recurrence of your injury. It is important to us at Cairnhill Physiotherapy that your health and wellbeing is enhanced and we work hard to ensure that our patients are encouraged and empowered to return to doing what you love.

Results Oriented

Our physiotherapy services are aimed at reducing your pain and getting results for you. Our areas of expertise include neck pain, headaches, back pain, sports injuries, such as fractures and ankle sprains. We also treat ACL, PCL and MCL injuries, meniscal knee injuries, muscle injuries and tendon/ligament injuries. We treat many patients for pre and post-operative rehabilitation including shoulder surgeries, hip and knee replacements, ACL reconstructions and foot and ankle procedures. We make use of our well-equipped on-site rehabilitation gym which has the best equipment needed to rehabilitate you from your injury or prepare you for surgery if required.

Onsite Rehabilitation Gym

At Cairnhill Physiotherapy we have dedicated gym and exercise rooms with specialised equipment that we use with our patients to assist with injury rehabilitation, regaining strength and maintaining general well-being. Our active rehabilitation methods utilise free weights, Pilates, Keiser strength machines and resistance bands to strengthen your muscles and help you recover quicker from injuries. Our physiotherapists will guide you through your exercises one on one and provide you with personalised programmes from our online exercise library that you can continue with at home.



Our team at Cairnhill Physiotherapy are experts in diagnosing and treating pain and injuries for patients from all over Auckland.

If you are in pain, suffering from an injury or have an upcoming surgery, make an appointment today at our central Auckland physiotherapy clinic which is close by to Mt Eden, Remuera, Newmarket and Epsom and allow us to help you achieve wellness and get back to enjoy doing what you love.

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