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Our Physiotherapy Services

At Cairnhill Physiotherapy, our goal is to keep you moving.  We cover a wide range of services to help you get back to peak health - and we're really good at what we do! So what can we help with? Take a look at our main services below...




Neck pain, back pain and headaches can really affect your quality of life.  We are experts in finding the source of your pain, will provide solutions to help ease your suffering and help identify triggers such as posture to minimise the recurrence of your symptoms . Click the 'Read More' link to find out more.

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Sore muscles, sprains and strains, and ongoing injuries can slow you down.  We specialise in treating these injuries and are experienced in sports massage, acupuncture, rehabilitation exercises and Kinesio Taping techniques to get you back to peak movement.  To find out more, click the 'Read More' link below.

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Getting moving after surgery is key in helping you recover fully.  We also believe that gaining strength and mobility prior to surgery gives the best recovery outcomes.  We specialise in prescribing Exercise Programmes that will aid in regaining your mobility, flexibility, strength and movement so that you can return to all the activities you enjoy doing.  Click the 'Read More' link to find out more.

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Acupuncture can be used to treat a wide range of injuries - from Sporting Injuries and headaches to chronic complaints including Tennis Elbow and RSI.  Our patients see great results after a course of acupuncture treatments in conjunction with other hands on physiotherapy techniques to help get you back doing what you enjoy.  Click 'Read More' to see how we can help.

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To restore your movement back to peak levels, call us now on (09) 631 5991 .