How Can Sports Injuries Occur?

Sports injuries are common and are likely to occur in the case of overuse, application of force or as impact injuries to the body. From weekend warriors to elite athletes in contact and non-contact sport, at some stage, you may suffer from a sports injury to muscles, joints or ligaments. It’s key that sports injury treatment is sought early to reduce the length of recovery and return you to peak fitness quickly.

How is a Sports Injury Treated?

Following initial treatment, a sports injury rehabilitation plan may be put in place by our expert practitioners to regain strength and flexibility in the problem area to place you on the path to recovery. There are a number of methods our physios use in our holistic treatment plan to treat issues and help reduce the chance of injury in the future. We will assess your injury, give you a timeline for recovery and manage you back to pre-injury activity levels. We want the best outcome for all of our patients and have a fantastic network of orthopaedic surgeons, sports specialists, radiologists and other health professionals that we can refer you to.

How Long does the Treatment Take?

The duration of sports injury recovery can vary from person-to-person, injury to injury. It’s the job of our physiotherapy team to deliver bespoke treatment to each of our bookings. Sports injury treatment is a passion of ours, and we are experienced in treating a wide range of injuries. Having treated numerous elite sportspeople at Cairnhill Physiotherapy, we are just as passionate about getting any sports enthusiast back out enjoying themselves as they should. Book an appointment now to put the pain behind you and seek treatment, rehab and recovery from those who understand it best.

Our Sports Injury Services Include:


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