What is Pilates?

Pilates was created in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates, originally being known as ‘Contrology’. Pilates is a type of exercise that is designed to coordinate movement and breath together to enhance strength, flexibility, posture and balance. Pilates is designed to encourage optimal movement patterns with exercises that challenge all the muscles of your body with an emphasis on your core.

“Change happens through movement and movement heals.” – Joseph Pilates

What is Reformer Pilates?

The reformer is a bed like equipment which has a carriage which moves back and forth on a frame. It has springs and a pulley system which makes exercises either more accessible for all abilities or can be used to make exercises harder when needed.

Who can do Reformer Pilates?

Pilates is for EVERYBODY, regardless of gender, age, size, ability, or current fitness level. Whether you are starting out on an exercise journey, are a professional athlete, or are anywhere in between, all sessions can be modified to fit the abilities of everyone who practices it.

“The whole country, the whole world, should be doing my exercises. They’d be happier.”- Joseph Pilates

How will it benefit me?

The benefits of Reformer Pilates are endless both physically and mentally. Everyone has something to gain.

Benefits include increased strength, improved mobility, increased flexibility, improved balance, improved posture, helping long term pain, reduces the risk of injuries, rehabilitates current injuries, enhances sports performance, strengthens bones, improves sleep, reduces stress, improves mood and many more.

How can I get the most benefit from Reformer Pilates?

It’s simple, consistency.

What problems may be helped with Pilates?

  • Back pain – in particular low back pain and sciatica
  • Post-natal
  • Pre and post-surgery
  • Sports injuries
  • Shoulder problems
  • Cancer rehab
  • Enhancing your sports performance
  • Poor posture
  • Knee and hip problems

“You will feel better in ten sessions, look better in twenty sessions, and have a completely new body in thirty sessions”- Joseph Pilates


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