Back & Neck Pain

Your spine is an incredibly strong structure however it can be injured and prone to wear and tear. The injuries may affect the joints, ligaments, discs, nerves or the surrounding muscles of the neck and back. Acute injuries can occur from poor lifting technique, sporting accidents, accidents around the home or in your motor vehicle.

Chronic injuries can be caused by acute injuries that have healed incorrectly, poor posture or general wear and tear. If posture and muscle imbalances are causing your problems, we can assess these and treat as needed. A targeted strengthening program that incorporates activation exercises then progresses through to more functional exercises will be incorporated into your rehabilitation program.

At Cairnhill Physiotherapy we pride ourselves on using a hands on approach including soft tissue release, joint mobilisations and manipulations to treat all neck and back pain. We also incorporate neural mobilisations, strengthening and stretching exercises not only for the specific area that has been causing pain but also other areas that may be overloaded. Therefore not only treating the pain but also the cause of the pain.

Physiotherapy Can Help With Your Headaches

Headaches can occur due to sleeping poorly, increased muscle tightness in the neck and shoulders, poor posture, or after a head or neck injury.

The pain that you can experience can come from the joints in the upper neck, muscles in the shoulders or the base of the skull, or the nerves in the neck. This type of headache is generally called a cervicogenic headache. You may experience pain in the back, sides or the front of your head, behind the eyes or a combination of them all. These can be very debilitating and draining and can affect your enjoyment of life.

At Cairnhill Physiotherapy we can diagnose which sort of headache you are suffering from, educate you on why it is occurring and how to manage it. We can use various joint and soft tissue mobilisations, taping techniques and acupuncture to help reduce muscle and joint tightness and stiffness and restore normal mobility to the joints to ease your pain. We also provide specialised strengthening programmes to strengthen any weakened muscles that may be causing other muscles to be over worked and can advise you on desk or workstation set up to help alleviate any discomfort this may be causing.

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