February 2021

February 25, 2021

Can I Execise With Osteoarthritis? Our Auckland Physio Discusses

If our physiotherapists, at our Auckland physio clinic, had a dollar for every time someone came in and said, “I’ve got arthritis so there’s nothing I can do about it”, we would be in a sound financial position. For years, people have been spouted half-truths, contradictions, and simply false statements with regards to osteoarthritis (OA). What […]
February 25, 2021

Sciatica: A Real Pain In The Backside

Sciatica can be a real pain in the backside. We’re talking literally. Sciatica is a generic  term for any pain or discomfort that arises when the sciatic nerve becomes irritated. The sciatic nerve runs from the lower back down the buttock, back of the legs and into the feet. As such, the pain can be felt […]
February 22, 2021

Let Us Reassure You About Acupuncture

We’ve been providing acupuncture therapy for decades, and we continue to do so at our Epsom physio clinic. The reason we’ve been doing it for so long is because it works. On its own or in conjunction with other treatments, it has tremendous benefits in the areas of sporting injuries, muscle tightness, joint pain, and more. […]
February 20, 2021

A Parnell Physio Explains: Is Joint Clicking A Problem?

Aside from pain, joint clicking would be the second most common complaint in our Parnell physio clinic. Many people are concerned about the cause of their clicking. They are concerned it is causing damage, often linking it to bone on bone or joint wear and tear. This blog will investigate the potential causes of clicking, is […]
February 18, 2021

Meniscal Injuries In The Knee

Our Mt Eden physio clinic is where a lot of sportspeople come to seek ongoing treatment for meniscal injuries in the knee. At this time of year, it is mainly cricketers who suffer from this sports injury and it’s easy to see why when you look at the unnatural pressures this sport exerts on the body. […]
February 18, 2021

Exercise Tips Prior to Running From A Mt Eden Physiotherapy Clinic

As we see ourselves (or those in Auckland) falling into another dreaded lockdown, we notice a sudden spike in people out on the roads in order to keep fit. But like most things, when we haven’t done it in a while, the body tends to disagree. We pull up achey, stiff and usually grumpy with ourselves […]
February 15, 2021

When To Workout: Anytime Is Better Than Never

We like to stay up to date with any exercise-related research we can get our hands on at our Newmarket physiotherapy clinic. So the team was obviously interested in a study that suggested a morning workout was considered slightly more beneficial than one later in the day, particularly if weight loss is your goal. The research, […]