Cairnhill Physiotherapy has extended our services to include Blood Flow Restriction Training. Gaining popularity in clinical settings, BFR has shown that it is a successful tool in helping to speed up injury recovery, especially in the form of post-operative rehabilitation. 


What is Blood Flow Restriction Training?

Blood flow restriction training (or therapy) is a tool that can be used during regular or rehabilitation to help patients make greater gains during strength training, all while lifting lighter loads. This contributes to reducing the overall stress placed on the joint or limb and is particularly useful in the primary stages of post-operative rehabilitation to prevent the joint or limb from being overloaded, which is important to prevent due to pain or swelling. It works by placing a pressurised band, similar to a blood pressure cuff, around the limb to reduce, but not completely block, blood flow to that area.


The Result of Blood Flow Restriction Training

We see excellent results in increasing strength quickly and getting you back to tiptop physical shape. Our team of highly experienced physiotherapists have been using this successfully in patients with ACL rehabilitation and other post-operative patients as well as with injuries such as patellofemoral pain, Achilles ruptures, quad tears, hamstring strains and calf tears. During the early healing phase most of us suffer from reduced strength, a common injury impairment. Heavy lifting is not recommended as it can cause further damage to the healing tissue. However, BFR training can help you be active safely and thus speed up the recovery process and regain strength in the area quicker. 


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