What Is A Sports Massage For?

Sports Massage involves hands-on muscle manipulation in order to deal with, and treat, stresses that are placed on our bodies and the muscular system through the strains of sports. Regular sports massage is performed by our team of physiotherapists before and after training/competition to improve performance and enhance recovery, as well as to support muscle recovery and repair following sports injuries.

What Are The Benefits Of A Sports Massage?

Exercise and everyday activities can all place a burden on the body and culminate in muscle tightness and stiffness which can lead you to suffer from fatigue, niggling aches that won’t ease, poor athletic performance and reduced joint range of motion. When all of these factors are combined, it can increase your risk of suffering an injury. With bespoke massage therapy plans set out specifically for your needs, sports massage can help to improve your circulation, flexibility and sporting performance. Regular appointments allow us to monitor your body for any areas of tightness and note any changes in your muscular system that may affect performance. Our holistic care doesn’t end at the end of your massage session. We can advise you on any appropriate stretches or exercises to help decrease the likelihood of an injury occurring.

Who Can Have A Sports Massage?

Our sports massage services are physical maintenance for your body, regardless of whether you are an elite sportsperson or partake in casual sports. Contact us today to book an appointment for regular physical upkeep or sports injury treatment and recovery.


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